Eye For Truth Investigation Services provides you with a diverse, well trained group of court recognized expert detectives, who utilize the best tools in the business to get you results. We won’t take your case unless we’re confident we can deliver precisely what is requested.

Once entrusted with your case, we will conduct the investigation in a time efficient and professional manner, always keeping your satisfaction as our goal. If you have a case in an area where we are not able to provide service, we will be more than happy to provide you with a complementary referral to a private investigator (member of the Texas Association of Licensed Investigators) that we know and who should be able to assist you.

Our initial consultation is free and strictly confidential.

Within our expertise, we provide a vast number of specialized services in the following areas:

Workers Comp Investigations: For private investigators, investigating workers compensation cases requires ingenuity and time. When a worker is injured on the job, they may be entitled to benefits, including but not limited to: medical bill payment, compensation for time off, and/or other financial benefits. There are two types of workers compensation fraud cases: those in which the employee commits fraud and those in which it is the employer who commits fraud.

Spousal Surveillance: When the fear of infidelity becomes a part of your life, you need answers. We realize that contacting a private investigator to check on your loved one is hard to do, but living with constant fear and doubt is worse. Not only will our investigators get you the proof you need to move forward with your life, we will do so in a discreet and tasteful way to minimize your fears.

Background Checks: Whether to assist in making the right hiring decision, as part of dealing with a law suit, or to simply know something about someone in your life (nanny, home worker, new boy/girlfriend, prospective business partner, etc.), we can get you the information you need. When it really counts, you cannot rely on an internet database search to get you the information you need.

Missing Persons, Runaways, and Exploited Children:  One of the big problems with police-led missing persons’ searches is that the term missing persons is so narrow. Police can only begin looking for a missing child after a specific amount of time the child was last seen. By that time, it can be too late if the child has been kidnapped by a pedophile or child killer. Police are also reluctant, due to thinning resources, to search for people who voluntarily left home or for those who live on the streets. Even in a police-led missing person search, police will stop looking after a certain amount of time and will declare the case a cold case. Police do their best with the resources they have, but law enforcement simply is not equipped to deal with crime rates today.

Anyone who wants real answers fast needs to speak to a private investigator. A professional investigator will start looking for someone as soon as you feel uneasy and will continue to search as long as you are still looking for answers.

If there’s a missing person in your life, they deserve attention. Law enforcement agencies, despite their best efforts, can’t guarantee that you’ll get it — but private investigators can.

Employee Investigations/ Internal Financial Investigations: It seems every week we read about another lawsuit or scandal caused by an employee or agent who cheated or harassed their coworker, resulting in broken lives, lost productivity, and massive lawsuits. We provide our clients with an alternative through both proactive employee screening services and a fast accurate investigation of any incident that has already occurred.

Computer Forensics: The modern private investigator knows how much evidence can be found on a cellular phone or computer. On our team, we have court room qualified computer forensic experts, who combine cutting edge computer forensic tools and training with old fashion private detective work to provide our clients with superior computer forensic investigation results.

Child Support Investigations: With overcrowded court systems and a lack of real and effective investigations designed to locate where a deadbeat parent is working, we can step-in and provide the assistance and evidence. 

We have tailored our employment locate investigations to meet your needs without charging you excessive fees.

Questioned Document Examination: A Questioned Document is any signature, handwriting, typewriting, or other mark whose source or authenticity is in dispute or doubtful. The scientific methods of identification and examination of questionable documents include: handwriting examination, detection of forgery, falsification, and counterfeiting of documents.

A document may be questioned with respect to its: authenticity, identity, origin, relation among its parts, and/or relation to other things.

Types of document examination include: handwriting comparisons, ink examinations, indented writing, alterations, paper analysis, photocopy analysis, and typewriting.

The most common Questioned Documents are: letters, checks, drivers license, contracts, wills, voters registration, passports, petitions, threatening letters, suicide notes, and lottery tickets.

Executive/Personal Protection: Executive protection services are designed to mitigate risk for individuals whose reputations, prominence, wealth, travel itineraries, or occupations that require heightened personal security.

In some cases, the need for executive protection services is limited to travel only to certain destinations. Other times, the principal and his or her family, might require 24/7 coverage at home, at work or school, and while traveling.

Executive protection includes secure travel services that provide security drivers, vehicles, and protective personnel who are trained and thoroughly vetted on close protection as needed at home, at work, or on the road.

Our executive protection services also include protective surveillance and covert protection. We provide residential protection to keep the principal and family safe at primary or secondary residences. We also provide emergency protection services that are available on short notice to deal with evacuations and other crisis situations.

Let’s work together.

TX DPS #: A10523201

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